Oinam family

Meitei family name

"Oinam" (Meitei: ꯑꯣꯢꯅꯥꯝ, ꯑꯣꯏꯅꯥꯝ) (Old Manipuri: ꫡꯏꯅꯥꯝ ꯁꯥꯀꯩ) is a family name belonging to a branch of the Khuman dynasty of the Meitei ethnicity (Manipuri ethnicity).[1][2][3][4][5][6] "Oinam Apokpa" ("Oinam Pokpa") is a clan ancestral deity worshipped by the people (members) of the family, following Meitei religion (Sanamahism).[6]

Word/NameKhuman dynasty
DerivationOina - Meitei root for "left handedness" and suffix "-m" - Sanskritisation
MeaningThe left handed
Place of originIndia (Manipur,[4] Assam, Tripura) and Myanmar
Other names
Alternative spellingOynam
Variant form(s)Oinamcha
Short form(s)Oina, Oi

Notable persons change

  • Binoranjan Oinam: Lyrist and music composer.[7]
  • Ethoi Oinam: Actress and model.[8]
  • James Oinam: Indian author.
  • John Oinam: Indian singer.[9]
  • Laibi Oinam: First woman auto driver of Manipur.[10]
  • Oinam Bembem: Indian footballer.
  • Oinam Doren: Indian film maker and director.[11]
  • Oinam Gautam: Film maker and director.[12]
  • Oinam Lukhoi: Politician.
  • Oinam Nabakishore: Indian civil service officer and politician.[13][14]

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