Okatyali Constituency

electoral constituency in the Oshana region of northern Namibia

Okatyali Constituency, also know as Okatjali is a constituency in Oshana Region of northern Namibia. It had 2,815 residents in 2004[1] and 2,051 registered voters in 2020.[2] The capital of the constituency is Okatyali.

Okatyali Constituency (red) in the Oshana Region (yellow)



Okatyali constituency is dominated by the South West Africa People's Organization party. The first councillor for this constituency was Paulus Kapia, who served until 1998.[3]

In the 2015 local and regional elections, SWAPO candidate won and became councillor after no opposition party nominated a candidate.[4] In 2020, the SWAPO candidate Josįf Mupetami obtained 992 votes and won the election, followed by Aveli Nambili of the Independent Patriots for Change with 80 votes, and Silvanus Nakale of the Popular Democratic Movement with 33 votes.[2]


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