Online advertising

form of advertising

When companies use the internet to place advertisments, this is called online advertising.[1] Online advertising can take different forms:

  • People may send special e-mail messages to advertise their product. This can be a more neutral newsletter, or it can be unwanted mail sent to many recipients. Such mails are called spam mails.
  • People may use special graphics on other websites. When the user clicks on the graphic, he or she is directed to a website with more information.
  • When a web page is accessed, it may open extra windows or tabs, which contain the offer. These windows or tabs may appear in front of the original site, or they may appear behind it.
  • When people search for certain terms on a search engine, a given page may appear higher up in the listing of results.

Very often, companies personalize their offers. In the web browser, cookies are commonly used for this.


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