Operation Allies Refuge

American evacuation from Afghanistan in 2021

The Operation Allies Refuge is a continuing United States military operation. Its purpose is for removing in-danger Afghan civilians, applicants of the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) and employees of the Embassy of the United States away from Afghanistan.[1] This operation is happening at the same time as the removal of Americans from Afghanistan and leaving of foreign people and Afghans who are vulnerable.

Operation history change

The operation's name was officially given out on 14 July 2021 by Biden administration officials.[2] On 22 July the United States House of Representatives passed the Averting Loss of Life and Injury by Expediting SIVs (ALLIES) Act. This was done to increase the cap for Afghan interpreters. This was also done to speed up the Afghan Special Visa Processes.[3]

On 22 August, President Joe Biden said American troops may remain in Afghanistan beyond August 31. He then announced that more than 28,000 had been removed from Afghanistan from 15 August onward. From July 2021 onward, over 33,000 people were removed out of the country.[4]

Casualties change

As of 26 August 2021, at least 94 people were killed at or near the Kabul International Airport as thousands of people tried to forcibly board planes.[5]

At least 103 people were killed and another two-hundred were injured in a suicide bomb attack near the Kabul International Airport on 26 August. This was when evacuations of local and foreign people were in progress.[6] The attacks were performed by Islamic State militants.[7] The dead included sixty-two Afghan civilians, twenty-eight Taliban members and thirteen U.S. service officials. The dead Americans were ten marines, two soldiers and one Navy corpsman.[8]

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