Operations and Checkout Building

building in Florida, United States

The Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building (O&C)[1] (previously known as the Manned Spacecraft Operations Building) is a factory located at Kennedy Space Center.[2]

ISS US lab being manufactured and hoisted to a vacuum test chamber in the O&C

The building was built in 1964, and made from reinforced concrete and steel.

Its purpose is to make and test out rocket parts such as the Apollo Command/Service Module, Lunar Module, Space Shuttle Spacelab modules, and truss components for the International Space Station. Once manufacturing and check-testing is complete, the spacecraft modules or space stations are checked out of the factory to the SSPF or the Vehicle Assembly Building for integration and launch.

The O&C is actually a two-part building with connected overhead walkways. The front building is where astronauts live in dormitories before launching into space. It also has a few conference rooms, several laboratories, and a restaurant. The rear building is where the spacecraft manufacturing workshop is located.

In 2014, the O&C was named in honor of the first man on the moon: Neil Armstrong.[3]


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