American/Canadian storyteller, raconteur, griot

Orunamamu (Mary Beth Washington; 4 April 1921 – 4 September 2014) was an American-Canadian professional storyteller and teacher. Her storytelling led her on journeys across the United States including Alaska, overseas to the United Kingdom and Egypt. She moved to Canada during her final years.

Orunamamu in 23 August 2010, Calgary, Alberta
Mary Beth Washington

(1921-04-04)4 April 1921
Died4 September 2014(2014-09-04) (aged 93)[1]
Other namesMary Washington-Stofle
OrganizationCalgary Spoken Word Festival
Known forstoryteller, raconteur, griot[1], performer
ChildrenEdward Washington
Michael Love Santee[1]

Orunamamu died at the age of 93 in a hospital in Calgary, Alberta.


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