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Alberta in Canada

Alberta is a province in Canada. It lies in the western part of Canada. The province of British Columbia is west of Alberta. The province of Saskatchewan is east of Alberta. It is north of Montana, one of the states in the United States.

Alberta is the fourth largest Canadian province. It has an area of 642,317 km².[1] Alberta has over or less than 3,305,800 people but there are three provinces in Canada that have more people.

The capital of Alberta is Edmonton. Edmonton is close to the middle of Alberta. Calgary is another city in Alberta. It is south of Edmonton.


Canada became a country in 1867, but it was much smaller than it is now, and did not include the parts of the country to the west. From 1670 to 1870, the southern part of Alberta was included in "Rupert's Land," land owned by the Hudson Bay Company. The land was owned by the company so that they could catch animals to kill for fur, which they sold. The northern part of Alberta was called the "Northwest Territories." Today, the Northwest Territories still exist but they are north of Alberta.

Alberta was made a province of Canada in 1905, at the same time as Saskatchewan.

The Aboriginal peoples are referred to as First Nations or by the Name of their Nation. Mixed (European/Aboriginal) People are called Metis.


Some parts of Alberta get a lot of snow in the winter. Alberta is very cold in the winter. There is a dry part of Alberta in the south.

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Alberta has a huge amount of oil (in the Athabasca Oil Sands) and natural gas.

There are also a lot of farms in Alberta. Farmers grow several different types of crops Farmers mainly grow wheat. There are also a lot of cows on Alberta farms, and Alberta beef is exported.

There is diesel fuel in Alberta.


  1. There are also two larger parts of Canada called Nunavut and Northwest Territories. However, Nunavut and Northwest Territories are territories, not provinces.

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