district in Brandenburg state, Germany

Ostprignitz-Ruppin is a Kreis (district) in the northwestern part of Brandenburg, Germany.

Brandenburg opr.png
Country Germany
 • Total2,508.7 km2 (968.6 sq mi)
 • Total111,219
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Vehicle registrationOPR

The modern district was made in 1993 by joining the old districts Kyritz, Neuruppin and Wittstock. The district roughly covers the same territory as the two historic districts Ostprignitz and Ruppin.

Coat of armsEdit

  The eagle in the top of the coat of arms is for the Counts of Arnstein, who ruled Ruppin in the 13th century. To the left is a fleur-de-lis for the Counts von Plotho, a Wendish family. The mitre to the right is for Wittstock. Bishop Heinrich I made Wittstock the capital of the Havelberg diocese.

Towns and municipalitiesEdit

Amt-free towns Ämter
  1. Kyritz
  2. Neuruppin
  3. Rheinsberg
  4. Wittstock

Amt-free municipalities

  1. Fehrbellin
  2. Heiligengrabe
  3. Wusterhausen

1. Lindow (Mark)

  1. Herzberg
  2. Lindow1, 2
  3. Rüthnick
  4. Vielitzsee

2. Neustadt (Dosse)

  1. Breddin
  2. Dreetz
  3. Neustadt an der Dosse1, 2
  4. Sieversdorf-Hohenofen
  5. Stüdenitz-Schönermark
  6. Zernitz-Lohm

3. Temnitz

  1. Dabergotz
  2. Märkisch Linden
  3. Storbeck-Frankendorf
  4. Temnitzquell
  5. Temnitztal
  6. Walsleben1
1seat of the Amt; ²town

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