PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv

Bulgarian association football club from the city of Plovdiv

Lokomotiv (Bulgarian: Локомотив) is a professional association football club from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The team plays in the First Professional Football League. The team's home stadium is Lokomotiv Stadium. The club was founded on 25 July 1926. The club is one of the best supported clubs in Bulgaria.[1] The club's biggest rival is Botev Plovdiv.

The club's nicknames are Smarfovete (The Smurfs) and Zheleznicharite (The Railwaymen).

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Bulgarian A Group:

Bulgarian Cup:

  • Runners-up (4 [7]): 1960, 1971, 1982, 2012; [1940 (as Sportclub), 1942 (as Sportclub), 1948 (as Slaviya-Chengelov)]

Cup of the Soviet Army

Bulgarian Supercup:

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