Pac-Man 99

2021 battle royale video game for Nintendo Switch

Pac-Man 99[a] (stylized as PAC-MAN 99) was a 2021 online multiplayer maze video game with battle royale features developed by Arika and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for the Nintendo Switch through its Nintendo Switch Online service. It was announced on social media sites on April 6, 2021 and was released on April 7, 2021.[1]

The game was shut down on October, 8, 2023.

Part of its Pac-Man franchise, its gameplay involves up to 99 players competing at the same time, similar to Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35, which is another battle royale game which has since been discontinued.[2] Players control Pac-Man through an enclosed maze, eating dots on the board and avoiding coloured ghosts that go after them. Eating power pellets causes the ghosts to turn blue and become edible; eating ghosts sends enemies called "Jammer Pac-Man" to another opponent in an attempt to slow them down and get them out of the game. The game features downloadable content that includes offline play and additional skins, with some based on other Namco games, but you must pay for it. This game cannot be played without a Nintendo online subscription and after October 8th, a DLC (Will be taken off stores)

Reviews change

Pac-Man 99 received a 76 out of 100 on review collector Metacritic, indicating "generally favourable reviews".[3]

References change

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