Meitei Primordial Dragon God
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Pakhangba (Old Manipuri: Pakhangpa) is a primordial serpentine dragon god in Meitei mythology and religion.[1][2][3] He is the protector of the universe and the destroyer of the evils.[4][5] He is the son of Leimarel Sidabi, the supreme mother earth goddess.

(Old Manipuri: Pakhangpa)
Primordial Serpentine Dragon God
Member of Meitei dragons
AffiliationMeitei mythology (Manipuri mythology) and Meitei religion (Sanamahism)
Major cult centerIputhou Pakhangba Laishang inside the Kangla
SuccessorMangang Luwang Khuman (or Salai Taret Apokpas)
Abodeheaven and earth
RegionAncient Kangleipak (Antique Manipur)
Ethnic groupMeitei ethnicity
FestivalsLai Haraoba
Personal information
ConsortNongthang Leima
ChildrenMangang Luwang Khuman (or Salai Taret Apokpas)
SiblingsSanamahi and Nongshaba

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Pakhangba had seven sons. They are the seven great dragons, the mythical ancestors of the seven clan dynasties of the Meitei ethnicity. They are:

  • Mangang dragon
  • Luwang dragon
  • Khuman dragon
  • Angom dragon
  • Moilang dragon
  • Kha Nganpa dragon
  • Salang Leishangthem dragon

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