Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303

domestic passenger flight crash near Karachi, Pakistan on 22 May 2020

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303 was a flight in Pakistan. It was between Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore, Punjab and Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Sindh. The plane crashed on its final approach into Karachi in the Model Colony area of the city on 22 May 2020. The crash killed 97 people of the 99 people on board and one on the ground. It injured 9 others: 2 on the plane and 7 on the ground.[1]

Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303
AP-BLD, the aircraft involved in the accident, in 2016
Date22 May 2020
SummaryAircraft crashed on final approach; cause under investigation
SiteNear Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, Pakistan
24°54′42″N 67°11′16″E / 24.91167°N 67.18778°E / 24.91167; 67.18778
Total fatalities97
Total injuriesAt least 10 (2 onboard, 8 on ground)
Aircraft typeAirbus A320-214
OperatorPakistan International Airlines
IATA flight No.PK8303
ICAO flight No.PIA8303
Call signPakistan 8303
Flight originAllama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, Pakistan
DestinationJinnah International Airport, Karachi, Pakistan
Ground casualties
Ground fatalities1
Ground injuries7

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