Palazzo Chiablese

building in Turin, Italy

The Palazzo Chiablese is a building in Turin, Italy which was once the residence of the Duke of Chablais (a son of a king of Sardinia) it was also later the home of the Duke of Genoa (himself another king of Sardinia) Today it is home to a cultural collection honouring the history of Piedmont. It is open to the public Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 4 pm to 8pm and during press conferences, cultural events, concerts.

The Palazzo Chiablese (back left) in circa 1850.

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Hall of the Palazzo Chiablese, Turin.

From 1753, it served as the residence of Benedetto of Savoy, son of Charles Emmanuel III and Elisabeth Therese of Lorraine. It was named after his courtesy title of "Duke of Chablais".[1]

Bombed during World War II it lost a majority of its internal decoration before being handed over to the state in the 1950s.

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