Parliament of Albania

unicameral legislature of Albania

The Parliament of Albania (Albanian: Kuvendi i Shqipërisë) or Kuvendi is the unicameral representative body of the citizens of the Republic of Albania; it is Albania's legislature. The Parliament is made up of not less than 140 members elected to a four-year term.[3][4][5]

Parliament of Albania

Kuvendi i Shqipërisë
IX Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Taulant Balla (PS)

Rudina Hajdari (PD)

Nimet Musai (“The Independents”)[1] Formally part of LSI
Current Structure of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania
Political groups
Government (75)
  •   Socialist Party (75)

Supported by (4)

Opposition (43)

Vacancies (18)

  •   Vacant (18)[2]
Closed party-list proportional representation
D'hondt method
Last election
25 June 2017
Next election
Meeting place
Official Website

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