Part Six

German multinational boy band

Part Six is a German boy band formed in 2006. It sings US5 genre music. The band is popular with songs like "Want Ya", "Drive so Far" & "Showtime".

Part Six
Part Six in Bonn (2006)
Part Six in Bonn (2006)
Background information
OriginBonn, Germany
Years active2006-2011
Past member(s)

Career change

2006-2007: Debut and member change change

The group was founded in the summer of 2006 by Matt Mockridge and Tim Niesel, later joined by Bastian Theurich, Marc Jentzen and Lemar Ali. Jessie (Jesse D'Lane) was selected by casting from over 3000 applicants. The casting was promoted by the magazine Yam! accompanied.

Part Six became known in September 2006 with their single "Want Ya!", a cover version of the Swedish "Pop-Idol" runner-up Darin, which went straight into the top 50 of the German singles charts and became the official title song of the 2006 YOU fair . The second single Drive so Far followed in December and Part Six toured Germany and Austria as a special guest on LaFee's "Das-Erste-Mal" tour. The formation had previously played a two-month tour of German and Austrian schools, shopping centers and cinemas.

The band was promoted through youth magazines such as Bravo, Yam!, Starflash , The Dome Magazine and Popcorn . Part Six has also appeared in numerous television shows, including KI.KA LIVE, VIVA Live!, Toggo TV, The Dome, Tigerenten Club, Pokito TV and the ZDF television garden.

2007-2009: Remained success change

At the beginning of March 2007, the record company EMI Germany decided not to renew the record contract for economic reasons. The financially extremely high investment in the project was not sustainable in the long term without international success, as the desired sales figures did not materialize.

As a result, Part Six changed the members in half. From 2009 more songs were produced and a second album was prepared. The band was seen in a new formation with the Michael Jackson cover "Wanna Be Starting Somethin'" at the Jetix Kids Awards, among other places , and other performances followed. Another founding member, Jesse D'Lane, left the group in 2009, leaving only two singers from the original line-up. The now five-piece band concentrated not only on the German market but also on the Polish market and also shot the next single video in Warsaw. The single "The Love Is Over" followed in early 2010 and the promotion for a second album release followed.

2010-2011: Career downfall and disbandment change

In July 2010, Kenny Walter joined the band. In August 2010, Chris Wieber left the group for health reasons and Jeremy Williams left the group for undisclosed reasons. Part Six then announced that they wanted to look for a new, fifth band member under the new name "Unique 5" in their own talent show in Austria, but this was never realised. Finally, in September 2010, the last four band members performed live at the Magnifest in Braunschweig.

At the end of May 2011, the band announced their dissolution.

At the end of 2011, Orry Jackson took part in the casting show The Voice of Germany. After receiving several requests from house projects and DJs, he began a solo career.

Discography change

Albums change

  • 2007: What's That Sound
  • 2010: Showtime

Singles change

  • 2006: "Want Ya!"
  • 2006: "Drive So Far"
  • 2009: "Showtime"
  • 2009: "Calling"
  • 2010: "The Love Is Over"
  • 2010: "I'm in Love"