Pedestrian crossing

point on a road at which some means are employed to assist pedestrians wishing to cross

An pedestrian crossing (or crosswalk) is a painted road surface where pedestrians may cross a road. They are part of a safety system which allows people to cross roads when it is safe to do so. In town and cities, traffic and pedestrians are both users of roads. There must be rules which keep pedestrians safe, but allow traffic to flow as smoothly as possible.

Crosswalk in San Francisco
'Street furniture' controlling pedestrian movement: East Cowes town centre, Isle of Wight

Pedestrian crossings may be controlled with traffic lights, or other devices. Laws relating to pedestrian crossings vary according to the country. Sound signal are included in some countries.

Marked pedestrian crossings are often found at intersections. but may be at other points on busy roads. They are also installed where large numbers of pedestrians are attempting to cross (such as in shopping areas) or where vulnerable road users (such as school children) regularly cross. Rules govern usage of the pedestrian crossings to ensure safety. For example, in some areas, the pedestrian must be more than halfway across the crosswalk before the driver may proceed.