Peoria people

Native American ethnicity

The Peoria (or Peouaroua) are a Native American people. They are in the federally recognized Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma. Historically, they were part of the Illinois Confederation.

Peoria Tribe of Indians
Ruthe blalock jones.jpg
Ruthe Blalock Jones,
Peoria-Shawnee-Delaware artist
Total population
Regions with significant populations
 United States ( Oklahoma)
English, formerly Miami-Illinois
Christianity (Roman Catholicism),
traditional tribal religions
Related ethnic groups
Kaskaskia, Piankeshaw, and Wea

Traditionally, the Peoria spoke a dialect of the Miami-Illinois language. The name "Peoria" comes from their autonym (name for themselves) in the Illinois language, peewaareewa (modern pronunciation peewaalia). It first meant "Comes carrying a pack on his back."[2] No speakers of the Peoria language are alive.[3]


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