Pink salon

Japanese type of brothel

A pink salon (ピンクサロン, pinkusaron), or pinsaro (ピンサロ) is a place for sex in Japan that specializes in oral sex. The client is served soft drinks and a young girl performs fellatio on him in a small room or booth. These places are very popular for young men because they are very cheap and the service is fast.

Many pink salons in Japan



This kind of place started in the early 1960s and is an improved version of the very popular Kyaba-Kura (cabaret clubs). In these clubs a client pays to talk and drink with a girl, and in night salons men can masturbate in front of a girl, and ejaculate into either her hands or mouth, this is all done without touching the client.


Prostitution in Japan is strictly prohibited. But if there is no penetration in the encounter it is not considered prostitution. All these kinds of places (for sex) are in special zones in each city and are often hidden under a false or cover identities like restaurants, shops or sex shops. They can be easier to spot at night when all other businesses are closed, as these ones are open.



This kind of sex place is usually in specific zones like entertainment areas or Red-light districts. Using a false name they can also be in almost every part of the city and are usually announced at the JR stations.

Inside a pink salon


The inside of a pink salon is usually dark, with quiet music. At the entrance customers must disinfect their hands and specially their nails if they are long. Most salons only allow entry to Japanese people and forbid entry to strangers. There are also snacks and beer free of charge. Alcoholic beverages must be paid for.

Pink salon system


The system of a pink salon is simple. Customers usually pay for 30–45 minutes of service, however the price depends on the time of the service. It usually costs around 2000-4000 Yen in the morning and 4000-12000 Yen at nights. The customer sits in a single sofa and a girl comes and provides the customer with service. The types of service include: genital touching, fellatio, footjob and cunnilingus. Customers do not need to wear a condom and it is common that they ejaculate in the girl's mouth.[1]

It is also common that the fellatio is done by more than one girl, changing every 15 minutes (making a total of three girls in a 45-minute period).


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