Japanese railways

Japanese railways are used in Japan for mass and high-speed travel between major cities and for commuter transport in metropolian areas.

Area Map of JR.

System of Japanese railwaysEdit

Management System of Japanese railwaysEdit

There are two types of Japanese trains:

Classification of Japanese railways by structureEdit

Shinkansen type-0.
Train in Nagasaki.
The unique monorail of the world, in Osaka.
  • Shinkansen(新幹線, meaning "New main line")(width of rail track is Standard Gauge (1,435mm); speeds of up to 300km/h)
  • Zairaisen(在来線, meaning "Older railway line") (width of rail track is usually Cape gauge (1,067mm); slower speeds)
    • Subway(地下鉄)
    • Tram(路面電車)
    • Monorail(モノレール)
    • Trolley bus(トロリーバス)
    • Funicular(ケーブルカー)
    • Others

History of Japanese trainsEdit