Plaxton Beaver

minibus body

The Plaxton Beaver, (previously known as the Reeve Burgess Beaver), is a series of step-entrance minibus bodies built by Plaxton.

The first Beaver was built between 1987-1995 mainly on Mercedes-Benz van chassis such as the 709D and 811D. It was also built on the Renault S56 and Renault S75 chassis until 1992. Some were also built on Iveco 49.10 chassis.

The second Beaver (known as Beaver 2) was built on Mercedes-Benz Vario chassis. It replaced the first Beaver in December 1996.

In 2006 Plaxton launched the Beaver 3, which is the Beaver 2 body combined with the front end of another bus called the Plaxton Cheetah.