violent attack on an ethnic or religious group, either approved or conducted by the local authorities

Pogrom (from Russian:погром (pogrom); from "громить" IPA: [grʌˈmitʲ]- to wreak havoc, to demolish violently) is a form of riot attacking people and property. The target of the attack is a group of people because of their ethnic identity or religion, usually Jews. In a pogrom, the local authorities such as the police do not arrest the rioters and do not come to the aid of the victims.[1]

In a pogrom, the target people's homes, businesses, and places of worship are destroyed. People of the target group are physically attacked and some are murdered.

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  1. Klier, John (2010). "Pogroms". The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe. YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. The common usage of the term pogrom to describe any attack against Jews throughout history disguises the great variation in the scale, nature, motivation, and intent of such violence at different times.