group of dog breeds originating from continental Western Europe

A poodle is a breed of dog. Poodles are one of the smartest dogs. Miniature and toy poodles are two sizes. The original poodle is the Standard poodle. Miniature and toy poodles are not related to Standard poodles. They do not share DNA. If the owner does praise it, it will start liking the owner even more, and doing things for the owner.[1] Many people that own them show them at dog shows. Poodles were once used as hunting and sporting dogs, but now they are mostly pets. Poodles do not shed their fur as some dogs do, so they are good pets for people who are allergic to dogs.[2][1] Their coats are most often white or black; but can be apricot, dark gray, called "blue"; and other colors. There are also some rare colors, such as chocolate brown, and brindle. In Japan, apricot color is the most liked.

A black Miniature poodle in a dog show clip.

Poodles are bred in many different sizes. The four main sizes from largest to smallest are Standard, Miniature, Medium and Toy. There are also other sizes, like the very small Teacup, that are not official.[3] This means that these other sizes cannot be part of professional dog shows.

  • Standard - This is the original size. This height is from 35 to 45 cm, weight is from 15 to 19 kg.
  • Miniature - This size was downsized from standard size for circus dogs. This height is from 28 to 35 cm,weight is from 8 to 15 kg.
  • Medium - This size is not accepted in some countries. This height is from 35 to 45 cm, weight is from 8 to 15 kg.
  • Toy - This size was downsized from miniature size for breeding as pets. This height is from 26 to 28 cm, weight is also 3 kg.

Military working dogs


Poodles have been used as working dogs in the military for several centuries. During World War II, it was thought that this breed of dog could become helpers during the war. So, poodles went through training by the United States Army for special tasks. In 1942, the poodle was one of 32 breeds officially ranked as war dogs by the Army.

It is the poodles main style to left hair of the chest and ankles in order to protect heart and joints from cold waters and cut others in order to reduce the resistance of the water. Now, poodles hair styles have more variations. In Japan, the "teddy bear cut" is most popular. This style lets the whole body have roundness like a teddy bear.


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