Pop punk

rock music fusion genre that combines elements of punk rock with power pop or pop

Pop punk (or punk-pop) is a form of popular music that blends punk rock with pop music and rock music. Pop-punk music has a lighter, happier sound than most punk rock and hardcore punk music. Most punk rock and hardcore punk music sounds angry and harsh, and has lyrics (words) about protest and anger.

Late 1970s and 1980s pop-punk


There are several types of pop-punk. An early type of pop-punk was developed right after Punk rock became popular in the late 1970s. Most of this kind of music is very much like Punk rock, but it features things from other kinds of music like pop music and older rock music, and country music, so different people can enjoy it. Some people call the Ramones a pop-punk band. The Ramones were a band from the United States.

1990s pop-punk


In the 1990s, pop-punk became very popular in North America. Bands such as Green Day, Blink-182 and Zebrahead sold millions of recordings and did many tours.

Present day


In the 21st century, many bands have contributed to the pop punk genre. They include Fall Out Boy, Relient K, FM Static, Hawk Nelson, and Amber Pacific.



Some people who like 1970s punk rock or 1980s hardcore punk do not like pop-punk. The 1970s punk rock or 1980s hardcore punk was usually angry, rebellious protest music. In contrast, 2000s pop-punk songs are nicer and lighter. Some people think 2000s pop-punk is too commercialized and nothing like the older punk music from the 1970s and 1980s.