John IX (Latin: Ioannes Nonus) was Pope from 898 to 900.


John IX
Papacy beganJanuary 898
Papacy endedJanuary 900
PredecessorTheodore II
SuccessorBenedict IV
Personal details
Birth nameUnknown
Bornc. 840
Tivoli, Papal States
Died5 January 900
Rome, Papal States
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Early life change

Although his exact birth day is unknown, he was a native of Tivoli, which is near Rome.

Monk change

He was a Benedictine monk.

Pope change

He was made Pope because of the support of Emperor Lambert of Spoleto.[1] Lambert was of the Formosian party. Pope Sergius III who had been elected by the Anti-Formosians was chased from office with arms. John IX died unexpectedly in the year 900, which again led to feuds between different groups.

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