Pope Linus

2nd Pope of the Catholic Church

Pope Linus was the second Pope of the Catholic Church, (the official title is Bishop of Rome).[1] He was pope from 67 to 76 C.E.

A portrait of Linus

Linus came from Volterra, Tuscany. He became a follower of Peter. Peter was pleased with Linus and introduced him to the teachings of Christianity. After a time He was conscrated by Peter as a Bishop. He formed a Christian community in Ruvo, Apulia. The location where the community of Linus met is now known as the Crypt of San Cleto. He was also sent to Besancon and brought many people to Christianity.[1]

When Peter was put into prison, Linus became the next leader of the Church. He served at a very dangerous time during the reign of Nero. He converted to Christianity the daughter of a Roman official named Saturinus and was for that reason put into prison and beheaded. He was buried near Peter.[1]

Linus is one of the three popes mentioned by name in the New Testament along with Peter and Clement.[2][1] He is recognized as a saint. His feast day is 23 September, the same day as his death.

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