Pope Pius VIII

pope of the Catholic Church from 1829 to 1830

Pope Pius VIII (Latin: Pius Octavus; 20 November 1761 – 30 November 1830), born Francesco Saverio Castiglioni was an Italian priest of the Roman Catholic Church and the 254th Pope from 1829 and 1830.[1]

Papacy began31 March 1829
Papacy ended30 November 1830
PredecessorPope Leo XII
SuccessorPope Gregory XVI
Personal details
Birth nameFrancesco Saverio Castiglioni
Born(1761-11-20)20 November 1761
Died30 November 1830(1830-11-30) (aged 69)
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Early life change

He was born in Cingoli near Ancona.[2]

Bishop change

In 1800, Pius VII named Castiglioni to be Bishop of Montalto.[3]

Cardinal change

Pius VII made Castiglioni a cardinal in 1816. Cardinal Catiglioni was made Bishop of Frascati in 1822.[4]

Pope change

Cardinal Castiglioni was elected Pope 1829; and his reign lasted only 20 months.[3]

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The Coat of Arms of Pius VIII
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