Pope Stephen VII

pope (929-931)

Pope Stephen VII (??? − 15 March 931) was pope of the Roman Catholic Church from February 929 until 15 March 931 when he died.


Stephen VII
Papacy beganFebruary 929
Papacy ended15 March 931
PredecessorLeo VI
SuccessorJohn XI
Personal details
Birth nameStephanus de Gabrielli
Rome, Papal States
Died15 March 931
Rome, Papal States

He was elected by Marozia from the Tusculani family, as a stop-gap measure until her own son John was ready. Before being elected, he was the cardinal-priest of St Anastasia in Rome.[1]

He died on 15 March 931 in Rome and was succeeded by Pope John XI.[2]

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Leo VI
Succeeded by
John XI