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Porto-Novo (also known as Hogbonou and Adjacé) is the capital of the West African country of Benin. The city has a population of 223,552 people [1] Porto-Nova is a port on an inlet of the Gulf of Guinea, in the southeastern part of the country. Porto-Novo is Benin's second largest city. The city of Cotonou is larger and more important, culturally and politically. The region around Porto-Novo produces palm oil, cotton and kapok. Petroleum was found off the coast of the city in the 1990s. It has become an important export of the city.

Hogbonou and Adjacé
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Coordinates: Coordinates: 6°28′N 2°36′E / 6.467°N 2.600°E / 6.467; 2.600
 • Total223,552
Time zoneUTC+1
Downtown road

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Another place of interest is a Brazilian-style church which is now a mosque. Stade Municipale and Stade Charles de Gaulle, or Charles de Gaulle Stadium, are the largest football stadiums in the city.


  1. As of a 2002 census

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