Portrait of the mother (Filippini)

painting by Francesco Filippini

Portrait of the mother (also known as Ritratto della madre) is a 19th-century late impressionist painted in oil by Francesco Filippini. It was painted about 1877, in Milano, Italy. Is in the collection of the Civic Museums of Brescia (inv. n. 608).

Portrait of the mother
Italian: Ritratto della madre
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ArtistFrancesco Filippini
TypeOil on Canvas
Dimensions240 cm × 1,410 cm (95 in × 55,5 in)
LocationCivic Museums of Brescia

Umberto Boccioni was inspired by the work "Portrait of the mother'" by Francesco Filippini to create the portrait of his mother Portrait of the mother in 1910, painted in Via Adige 23 in Milan.



Filippini's mother, The work portrayed Silvia Signoria (1823-1877), mother of Filippini of humble origins, portrayed by Filippini during her studies at the Brera Academy in Milan.

It seems this work was the inspiration for the creation of the "Portrait of the mother" by Umberto Boccioni (oil on canvas 70 x 55.5) of 1916, part of the collection of the Ricci Oddi Gallery of Modern Art. Here too the mother is represented in a frontal position and a total flattening of the volumes made with strong contrasts of chiaroscuro that the lateral light projects on the faces. The brush strokes are made with short and quick strokes typical of Filipinos in the youth period.


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