Potassium iodate

chemical compound

Potassium iodate is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is KIO3. It has potassium and iodate ions in it.

Potassium iodate

Properties change

Potassium iodate is a white solid. It is a strong oxidizing agent. It is similar to potassium bromate and potassium chlorate. It reacts violently with many reducing agents.

Preparation change

Potassium iodate is made by reacting iodic acid with potassium hydroxide or by reacting iodine with potassium hydroxide. This second reaction makes the iodide and the iodate.

Uses change

Potassium iodate is used to add iodine to salt. It is better than potassium iodide because it does not oxidize to iodine and evaporate like potassium iodide does. It is sometimes used in flour just like potassium bromate.

It is also used for radiation protection. A nuclear explosion can make radioactive iodine, which goes into the thyroid and can make cancer. Eating potassium iodate makes the thyroid full of nonradioactive iodine and prevents radioactive iodine from going in. It lasts longer than potassium iodide.

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