Power Rangers Wild Force

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Power Rangers Wild Force is a TV show Power Rangers started in 2002. It aired from February 3 to November 16 2002 40 episodes. The first half was aired on Fox Kids. After the Disney purchase Of Fox Family, the second half aired on ABC Kids. This was the last Power Rangers to be filmed in the US. Disney moved filming to New Zealand.[1] It is based on the Super Sentai series, Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. Ironically, Gaoranger celebrated 25 years of Sentai while Wild Force celebrated 10 years of Power Rangers. The show is best known for one of the best Power Rangers specials to date, "Forever Red".[1] It is the sequel to Power Rangers Time Force. A sequel to called Power Rangers Ninja Storm started in 2003.

Plot Edit

After Cole Evans becomes the new leader of the Wild Force Power Rangers, he strives to fight against the evil forces of the Orgs.

Characters Edit

Actor Name Rangers Zord
Ricardo Medina Jr. Cole Evans Red Wild Force Ranger Lion Zord, Gorilla Zord, Falcon Zord
Alyson Kiperman Taylor Earhardt Yellow Wild Force Ranger Eagle Zord, Polar Bear Zord, Bear Zord
Phillip Jeanmarie Max Cooper Blue Wild Force Ranger Shark Zord, Giraffe Zord
Jessica Rey Alyssa Ernile White Wild Force Ranger Tiger Zord, Deer Zord
Jack Guzman Danny Delgado Black Wild Force Ranger Bison Zord, Rhino Zord, Armadillo Zord
Philip Andrew Merrick Baliton Lunar Wolf Ranger Wolf Zord, Hammerhead Zord, Alligator Zord

Cast Edit

Rangers Edit

  • Ricardo Medina Jr. as Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Ranger.
  • Alyson Kiperman as Taylor Earhardt, the Yellow Wild Force Ranger.
  • Phillip Jeanmarie as Max Cooper, the Blue Wild Force Ranger.
  • Jessica Rey as Alyssa Ernile, the White Wild Force Ranger.
  • Jack Guzman as Danny Delgado, the Black Wild Force Ranger.
  • Philip Andrew as Merrick Baliton, the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

Supporting characters Edit

  • Ann Marie Crouch as Princess Shayla.
  • Charles Gideon Davis as Animus (voice).
  • Shin Koyamada as Agent.
  • Time Force Rangers
    • Jason Faunt as Wesley "Wes" Collins, the Red Time Force Ranger.
    • Erin Cahill as Jennifer "Jen" Scotts, the Pink Time Force Ranger.
    • Kevin Kleinberg as Trip Regis, the Green Time Force Ranger.
    • Deborah Estelle Phillips as Katie Walker, the Yellow Time Force Ranger.
    • Michael Copon as Lucas Kendall, the Blue Time Force Ranger.
    • Daniel Southworth as Eric Myers, the Quantum Ranger.
  • Forever Red Rangers
    • Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger.
    • Christopher Glenn as Aurico, the Red Alien Ranger (voice).
    • Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver, the Red Zeo Ranger.
    • Selwyn Ward as Theodore "TJ" Johnson, the Red Turbo Ranger.
    • Christopher Khayman Lee as Andros, the Red Space Ranger.
    • Danny Slavin as Leo Corbertt, the Red Galaxy Ranger.
    • Sean Cw Johnson as Carter Grayson, the Red Lightspeed Ranger.

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