Power Rangers

American entertainment and merchandising franchise

Power Rangers is a superhero media franchise created by Haim Saban, that is currently owned by Hasbro. The seasons are adapted from Japanese Super Sentai shows.

Power Rangers official logo.

It was owned by Saban Entertainment from 1993 until The Walt Disney Company bought the franchise in September 2001. Disney sold the franchise back to Saban in May 2010. In May 2018, Saban sold the franchise to Hasbro.

In each series, a group of young people gain super powers to protect citizens and fight evil. Throughout the series, the Power Rangers learn the importance of teamwork and perseverance as they battle progressively harder-to-defeat villains. The rangers have a mentor, teaching figure to help lead, and mechanical machines known as Zords to help fight the villains. Each series is connected in the same fictional universe and most series have a theme.

Main franchise


Television series

Year Series Title Network Episodes
1993 1 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fox Kids 60
1994 2 52
1995 3 38
1996 Spin-off Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers 10
4 Power Rangers Zeo 50
1997 5 Power Rangers Turbo 45
1998 6 Power Rangers In Space
1999 7 Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
2000 8 Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue 40
2001 9 Power Rangers Time Force
2002 10 Power Rangers Wild Force
ABC Kids
2003 11 Power Rangers Ninja Storm
2004 12 Power Rangers Dino Thunder Toon Disney
2005 13 Power Rangers S.P.D.
2006 14 Power Rangers Mystic Force 35
2007 15 Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
2008 16 Power Rangers Jungle Fury
2009 17 Power Rangers RPM ABC Kids
2011 18 Power Rangers Samurai Nickelodeon 23
2012 19 Power Rangers Super Samurai 22
2013 20 Power Rangers Megaforce
2014 21 Power Rangers Super Megaforce
2015 22 Power Rangers Dino Charge 22
2016 23 Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
2017 24 Power Rangers Ninja Steel
2018 25 Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel
2019 26 Power Rangers Beast Morphers
2020 27
2021 28 Power Rangers Dino Fury
2022 29 Netfix
2023 30 Power Rangers Cosmic Fury 37
2025 31 Untitled Power Rangers reboot series Netflix


Year Title Director Distributor Box office
1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Bryan Spicer 20th Century Fox $66,433,194
1997 Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie David Winning & Shuki Levy $9,615,840
2023 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always Dean Israelite Netflix NA
TBA Untitled Power Rangers second reboot movie TBA Netflix

Other movies


Power Rangers RPG web series



Series Rangers
Mighty Morphin
Alien Rangers
In Space
Lost Galaxy
Lightspeed Rescue
Time Force
Wild Force
Ninja Storm
Dino Thunder
Mystic Force
Operation Overdrive
Jungle Fury
Samurai and Super Samurai
Super Megaforce
Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge
Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel
Beast Morphers
Dino Fury
Cosmic Fury

Video games


Aditionally, the 2015 indie tactical RPG Chroma Squad is inspired by Power Rangers.

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