Power Rangers Turbo

American television series

Power Rangers Turbo is a TV show Power Rangers started in 1997. It is based on the Super Sentai series Gekisou Sentai Carranger. It is the sequel to Power Rangers Zeo. A sequel to called Power Rangers In Space.[1] started in 1998. This season the Rangers have powers based on cars. One new Ranger, Justin, joins the team, replacing Rocky. Justin is the first Ranger to be a child. Halfway through the season, the four other Rangers all leave, and four new Rangers join the team. Many other characters also leave during this season. The turbo rangers were first featured in the Power Rangers movie, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

Power Rangers Turbo
Created byHaim Saban
Shuki Levy
StarringJohnny Yong Bosch
Nakia Burrise
Blake Foster
Jason David Frank
Catherine Sutherland
Carol Hoyt
Jason Narvy
Paul Schrier
Gregg Bullock
Hilary Shepard Turner
Tracy Lynn Cruz
Patricia Ja Lee
Roger Velasco
Selwyn Ward
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes45 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Haim Saban
Shuki Levy
Producer(s)Jonathan Tzachor
Running time30 minutes
Production company(s)Saban Entertainment
Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment
Toei Company, Ltd.
MMPR Productions, Inc.
Original networkFOX (Fox Kids)
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Original releaseApril 19 –
November 24, 1997
Preceded byPower Rangers Zeo
Followed byPower Rangers In Space


The Power Rangers fight an evil pirate called Divatox and her helpers Rygog, Elgar and Porto. The Rangers have new helpers called Dimitria, Alpha 6, Blue Senturion and the Phantom Ranger. The Rangers' friends Bulk and Skull are accidentally turned into chimps for several weeks, but their old boss Lt. Stone looks after them.


Actor Name Rangers
Jason David Frank Tommy Oliver Red Turbo Ranger
Selwyn Ward Theodore "TJ" Johnson
Blake Foster Justin Stewart Blue Turbo Ranger
Johnny Yong Bosch Adam Park Green Turbo Ranger
Roger Velasco Carlos Vallerte
Nakia Burrise Tanya Sloan Yellow Turbo Ranger
Tracy Lynn Cruz Ashley Hammond
Catherine Sutherland Katherine Hillard Pink Turbo Ranger
Patricia Ja Lee Cassie Chan
Alex Dood Phantom Ranger
David Walsh Blue Senturion



  • Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver, the first Red Turbo Ranger.
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park, the first Green Turbo Ranger.
  • Nakia Burrise as Tanya Sloan, the first Yellow Turbo Ranger.
  • Catherine Sutherland as Kat Hillard, the first Pink Turbo Ranger.
  • Blake Foster as Justin Stewart, the Blue Turbo Ranger.
  • Selwyn Ward as Theodore "TJ" Johnson, the second Red Turbo Ranger.
  • Roger Velasco as Carlos Vallerte, the second Green Turbo Ranger.
  • Tracy Lynn Cruz as Ashley Hammond, the second Yellow Turbo Ranger.
  • Patricia Ja Lee as Cassie Chan, the second Pink Turbo Ranger.

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Steve Cardenas as Rocky Desantos, friend of the Rangers.
  • Paul Schrier as Farkas as Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier, friend of the Rangers.
  • Jason Narvy as Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch, friend of the Rangers.
  • Gregg Bullock as Jerome "Lieutenant" Stone, owner of the Juice Bar.
  • Catherine Battistone as Alpha 6 (voice).
  • Danny Wayne Stallcup as Elgar (voice).
  • David Walsh as Blue Senturion (voice).
  • Alex Dood as Phantom Ranger (voice).



  • Turbo Morphers:
    • Mountain Blaster Turbo Power!
    • Desert Thunder Turbo Power!
    • Dune Star Turbo Power!
    • Wind Chaser Turbo Power!
    • Red Lighting Turbo Power!
  • Power Ruby
  • Turbo Blaster
  • Turbo Sword
  • Turbo Navigator
  • Turbo Robotic Arsenal Mobilizer (R.A.M.): is the Turbo.
    • Turbo Lighting Sword: is the Turbo Ranger Red.
    • Turbo Hand Blaster: is the Turbo Ranger Blue.
    • Turbo Thunder Cannon: is the Turbo Ranger Green.
    • Turbo Star Charger: is the Turbo Ranger Yellow.
    • Turbo Wind Fire: is the Turbo Ranger Pink.
  • Phantom Laser: is the Phantom Ranger.
  • Turbine Laser
  • Turbo Carts
  • Senturion Synergizer: Sidearm is the Blue Senturion.
  • Senturion Cycle: Transport is the Blue Senturion.
  • Lighting Cruiser
  • Storm Blaster


  • Turbo Megazord
    • Red Lightning Turbozord
    • Mountain Blaster Turbozord
    • Desert Thunder Turbozord
    • Dune Star Turbozord
    • Wind Chaser Turbozord
  • Robo Racer
  • Artillatron
  • Rescue Megazord
    • Lighting Fire Tamer Rescuezord
    • Siren Blaster Rescuezord
    • Thunder Loader Rescuezord
    • Star Racer Rescuezord
    • Wind Rescue Rescuezord


  • Carol Hoyt as Dimitria & Divatox (first half of season).
  • Hilary Shepard Turner as Divatox (second half of season).
  • Lex Lang as Rygog (voice)
  • Scott Page-Pagter as Porto (voice)


  1. Power Rangers Turbo: "Chase Into Space, Parts I-II"

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