Saban Entertainment

A subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Which formerly used to be formed as Israeli-American television production company.

Saban Entertainment, Inc. (along with Saban International, currently operating BVS Entertainment, Inc.) was a worldwide-served independent American-Israel television production company formed in 1980 by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy (music and television producers) as "Saban Productions".

The company imported, dubbed, and adapted several Japanese anime series, such as Mapple Town, Noozies, Funky Fables, Samurai Pizza Cats, and the first three Digimon series to North America and worldwide markets syndication, including both animation and live-action shows. Saban has also adaptaed various tokusatsu shows from Toei Company (by Koichi Sakamoto), featuring Power Rangers series (based on Super Sentai series), Big Bad Beetle Borgs (based on Juukou B-Fighter), VR Troopers (featuring elements of Metal Hero series like Space Sheriff Shaider, Jikuu Senshi Spielban, and Metalder), and Masked Rider (an original interpretation of using scenes from Kamen Rider Black RX).

Saban was involved in the co-production of French/American animated shows, created by Jean Chalopin for DIC Entertainment. Some of these early of 1980s co-productions were Camp Candy, Ulysses 31, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and The Mysterious Cities of Gold (the third of wich is a Japanese co-production).

And Saban has also distributed and provided for TV programs, like The Super Mario Bros. Show!, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Ball Z and Inspector Gadget.

In 2002, Saban Entertainment was defunct and discontinued.