American multinational toy and entertainment company

Hasbro is an American toy company. It is one of the biggest toy and electronic audio game makers in the world (including board games), only Mattel is larger. Other companies competing are Supe Impulse and Moose Toys. Hasbro also makes Monopoly, a popular board game. Their main office is in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States. The company is best known for their popular 1990's electronic audio game Bop It, which got re-designed in 2008 with a series of designs which one is released each year and kept using the same voice actor known as Buddy Rubino. Rubino never knew what a Bop It was, so he researched the game before doing the actual recordings for the toy.[3] Hasbro has also joined up with many other companies such as Tiger Electronics who made the following audio games: Brain Warp (1997 and 2002), Brain Bash (1994), Brain Shift (1998) and Boogey Ball (1999/2000). They also make a popular memory game called Simon which involves memorizing flashing lights and sounds. A Harry Potter style Simon game was released in 2001. The game Simon Swipe invented by long time inventor Dan Klitsner was released in 2014 and was copyrighted and made in 2013. There is also a Micro Series version that was released in 2014. On October 12, 2021, Longtime Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner died.

Hasbro, Inc.
FormerlyHassenfeld Brothers (1923–1968)
Hasbro Industries (1968–1984)
Hasbro Bradley (1984–1985)
Company typePublic
S&P 500 component
IndustryToys and entertainment
FoundedDecember 6, 1923; 100 years ago (1923-12-06)[1]
Key people
Brian Goldner (chief executive officer)
RevenueIncrease3.838 Billion USD (2007)[2]
Increase333 Million USD (2007)[2]
Number of employees
  • Steady 5900 (2005)
  • 6640 (2021)
 (5,600 (2021))
DivisionsHasbro Entertainment
Hasbro Consumer Products
SubsidiariesAvalon Hill
Wizards of the Coast

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