Premier of Queensland

head of government for the state of Queensland, Australia

The Premier of Queensland is the head of the Government of Queensland, Australia. The Premier does the same job at a state level as the Prime Minister of Australia does at a national level. Formal power is held by the Queen who is represented in Queensland by the Governor of Queensland. The Governor acts on the advice given to him by the Premier. The current Premier of Queensland is Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Premier of Queensland
Steven Miles

since 15 December 2023
StyleThe Honourable
Member ofCabinet of Queensland
AppointerGovernor of Queensland
Term lengthAt the Governor's pleasure
Inaugural holderRobert Herbert
Formation10 December 1859
Salary$380,000 per annum

Queensland is governed under the Westminster system of parliamentary government. Unlike other Australian states, it is not a bicameral system, having only one elected house. This house is called the Legislative Assembly. After an election, the State Governor appoints as Premier, the leader of the party who can control a majority of the elected members in the lower house. The Premier must resign if they no longer have a majority in the Legislative Assembly. This can happen if they lose seats at an election, or if their own political party does not support them.

Queensland was a British colony, and power was held by the Governor. In 1859 Britain allowed Queensland to have its own parliament, and the power was passed to the Premier.

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