Premier of Yukon

first minister for the Canadian territory of Yukon

The Premier of Yukon (or unofficially, the Premier of the Yukon) is the first minister for the Canadian territory of Yukon. They are the territory's head of government and de facto chief executive.

Premier of Yukon
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Sandy Silver

since December 3, 2016
StyleThe Honourable
Member ofExecutive Council of Yukon
Reports toYukon Legislative Assembly
AppointerCommissioner of Yukon
Term lengthAt the Commissioner's pleasure
Constituting instrumentYukon Elections Act
First holderChris Pearson
Unofficial namesPremier of the Yukon

The office was created in 1979. The current Premier of Yukon is Sandy Silver, leader of the Yukon Liberal Party. Silver was formally sworn in as premier on December 3, 2016.[1]


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