Pretty. Odd.

2008 studio album by Panic! at the Disco

Pretty. Odd. is the second music album from the rock band Panic at the Disco. It was released on March 25, 2008.

Pretty. Odd.
Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 21, 2008 (2008-03-21)
RecordedSeptember 2007 – February 2008
StudioStudio at the Palms (Paradise, Nevada)
Abbey Road Studios (London, England)
ProducerRob Mathes
Panic at the Disco chronology
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
Pretty. Odd.
...Live in Chicago
Singles from Pretty. Odd.
  1. "Nine in the Afternoon"
    Released: January 29, 2008
  2. "Mad as Rabbits"
    Released: March 25, 2008
  3. "That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)"
    Released: May 2, 2008
  4. "Northern Downpour"
    Released: October 30, 2008

Production and marketing change

Panic at the Disco began creating their new album after their first album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. While on tour for about two years, they had no new songs to perform. In January 2007 the band went into "hibernation" in a cabin (just outside the strip), as they began writing new songs for the next six months hoping for a second album to be released during fall 2007. On July 7, 2007 they played the song "It's True Love" live during their first performance since going into writing. Later that night however, the band decided that they did not like the music had written and scrapped all the songs they had written (which was about 3/4 of an album, as they were almost done recording).

A month later Panic announced two newly written songs, the first named "Middle of Summer" (later changed to "When the Day Met the Night"), and "Nine in the Afternoon". In December, a part of "Nine in the Afternoon" was played on an episode of the television show Heroes. Panic then began viral marketing, building puzzles on their official website. For about two weeks the puzzle gave snippets from an unknown song, along with the caption "YOU DONT HAVE TO WORRY...". On January 1, 2008, the snippets finally were revealed to be part of a new song entitled "We're So Starving". A rough version of this song was then released for listening on their official MySpace page, but was later pulled with the release of "Nine in the Afternoon". A review from NME magazine was published on the internet with descriptions of each song. These reviews show the big different direction that Panic have taken with their new album.

The band announced the title of the new album, Pretty. Odd., through their website on January 9, and dropped the "!" from their band name at the same time. The band explained by saying "We've just traded the exclamation point for a few periods." [1] They announced the next day that they would be headlining the Honda Civic Tour in support of the album. The band then began a second puzzle[2] on January 17, challenging fans to find puzzle pieces scattered throughout Panic-related websites, in order to reveal the album cover. The cover was officially revealed on January 22. Four days later, a new scavenger hunt was hidden on the official site, showing the tracklist of the album and offering a prize to the first three people who could find all 15 song titles for the new album. This was completed later that day.

On January 28 the winners were revealed. That very same day, the band posted the final version of "Nine in the Afternoon" on their MySpace page. The band also revealed on their official site they were releasing a Deluxe Edition of Pretty. Odd. along with a version with a different artwork.

iTunes made the Deluxe Edition and Standard Edition of the album available for pre-order on January 29, 2008.

Track listing change

  1. "We're So Starving"
  2. "Nine in the Afternoon"
  3. "She's a Handsome Woman"
  4. "Do You Know What I'm Seeing?"
  5. "That Green Gentlemen (Things Have Changed)"
  6. "I Have Friends in Holy Spaces"
  7. "Northern Downpour"
  8. "When the Day Met the Night"
  9. "Pas de Cheval"
  10. "The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know"
  11. "Sushi in a Tuxedo in the Clams Casino" ("Behind the Sea" on iTunes and Fueled by Ramen's website)
  12. "Folkin' Around"
  13. "'Snooze Me, Ms. Britches" ("She Had the World" on iTunes and Fueled by Ramen's website)
  14. "From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins"
  15. "Mad as Rabbits"

Bonus tracks change

  1. "Nine in the Afternoon" (Radio mix) (Deluxe Edition bonus track)
  2. "Nine in the Afternoon" (Alternate version) (Deluxe Edition bonus track)
  3. "Do You Know What I'm Seeing?" (Alternate version) (iTunes Pre-order bonus track)
  4. "Behind the Sea" (Alternate version) (Deluxe Edition bonus track)

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