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A producer is something or somebody that creates one thing or one being.

Entertainment producers


In the entertainment industry, a producer is a person who makes things happen. The producer is of the person in charge of providing the money and hire people to do the job. It is also the job of the producer to deal with getting whatever is being made out to the public. A movie producer must find people to provide money to make the movie, hire the main actors and director for the movie, and get the movie distributed so that people can see it. Producers are commonly found dealing with movies, television, and music.

Executive producer


In large entertainment companies, the title of executive producer is often given to people who provide a large amount of money to get something created. Other executive producers speak for the CEO of the company on how the movie or television program is made.

In smaller companies, especially for television series, the executive producer is often the creator of the series. Main writers who have been with the series for a long time are often given the title of executive producer.