city and urban gmina of Poland

Puławy is a town in eastern Poland, in Lesser Poland's Lublin Voivodeship, where the Vistula and Kurówka rivers meet. Puławy is the capital of Puławy County. 47,417 lived there in 2019. Its coat of arms is based on the coat of arms of Lithuania.

Coat of arms

Puławy was first mentioned in documents of the 15th century. At that time it was spelled Pollavy, its name probably came from a Vistula River ford. The town is a local center of science, industry and tourism, together with nearby Nałęczów and Kazimierz Dolny. Puławy is home to Poland's first permanent museum, the Czartoryskich Palace. It is a Vistula River port. It is a center of higher education.

The town has two bridges and four rail stations, and serves as a road junction. Nearby Dęblin has a military airport.