Federal Member State in northeastern Somalia

Puntland is an Autonomous state of Somalia in the Horn of Africa. Officially it is called the Puntland State of Somalia.[1] Its capital is Garowe. To the east of Puntland is Khatumo. To the south is Galmudug.

Overview change

The economy is centered around Boosasso. The province covers about a third of Somalia, and about a third of the population of Somalia lives in the province. Puntlanders want some degree of autonomy, but Puntlanders also want to stay within Somalia, and find a solution for the whole country.

Politics change

Although it is a federal state, Puntland politicians often call themselves a government. The people inside Puntland are called Puntites or Puntlanders. The area of Puntland is part of the areas of Waqooyi meaning north or Bari meaning east. The president is usually Majeerteen and the vice-president is usually of the reer darawiish tribe.[2]

References change

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