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Purity means that a substance is all the same. There are no contaminants or other things added. The word also means no badness in a person's character.

Purity may also refer to:

  • An indication of the amount of other gases in a particular gas
  • Purity, a 1916 movie.
  • A measure of correlation between a system and its environment,
  • "Purity", a song by Slipknot on their debut self-titled album
  • Purity in Buddhism, a spiritual purity of character or essence
  • Purity Dairies, a dairy company in Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • Purity Factories, a food processing company in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Purity Distilling Company, an alcohol manufacturer involved in the Boston Molasses Disaster in the United States
  • Black oil (also known as Purity), a fictional alien virus in the TV series The X-Files
  • Purity, a former supermarket brand owned by Woolworths Limited
  • Purity, the colorfulness of a light source.