ethnic group indigenous to South America

Quechuas is the term used for several ethnic groups in¨South America that use a Quechua language (Southern Quechua mainly). They belong to several ethnic groups in South America, above all in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

Qichwa conchucos 01.jpg
Total population
8 million
Regions with significant populations
Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador.
Quechua, Spanish
Catholicism adapted to traditional Andean beliefs
Related ethnic groups

The Quechuas of Ecuador call themselves - as well as their language Kichwa - Kichwas or Quichuas. The Kichwa-speaking group of Colombia are the Ingas.

Some (historic) Quechua peoples:

  • Inca
  • Chancas (in Huancavelica, Ayacucho y Apurímac)
  • Huancas (in Junín; spoke Quechua before the Incas did)
  • Cañaris (in Ecuador; adopted the Quechua language from the Incas)

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