Keran, Queen of Armenia

Queen Consort of Armenia
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Keran of Lampron (before 1262 – 28 July 1285) was by-birth a member of the house of Lampron and by marriage Queen consort of Armenia.

She was the daughter of Prince Hethum of Lampron by his unknown wife, who probably was from Frankish origin. She had three known siblings: Marianne, Alix (later wife of Balian d'Ibelin, Seneschal of Cyprus), and Raymond, Lord of Michael'gla.

Keran of Lampron
Portrait of King Leo II and Queen Keran of Armenia by Toros Roslin, 1262.
Queen consort of Armenia
Tenure1269 – 1285
Died28 July 1285
SpouseLeo III of Armenia
IssueHethum II of Armenia
Thoros III of Armenia
FatherPrince Hethum of Lampron