Rabab Al-Kadhimi

Iraqi physician and poet

Rabab Al-Kadhimi (Arabic: رباب الكاظمي, romanized: Rabāb al-Kāẓimī, also known as Rabab Al-Kazimi; 30 July 1918 – 1998) was an Iraqi poet who wrote about women's rights and a dentist. She is also known for her contributions to women's poetry.

Rabab Al-Kadhimi
رباب الكاظمي
Born(1918-08-23)August 23, 1918
Died1998 (aged 79–80)
Known forPioneering Iraqi poet

Early life and career change

Rabab al-Kadhimi was born in Cairo on 23 August 1918.[1] Her father, the Iraqi poet Abd al-Muhsin al-Kadhimi [ar],[2] supported her interest in poetry. Her mother, Aisha, from Tunisia, died when Rabab was ten years old.[3] Her father's support encouraged her to write, and she started publishing her poems in Egyptian magazines during the 1920s and 1930s.[4] Some of her poems were so political that both she and her father got threats from Egyptian authorities.[1] Her father died when she was eighteen, and soon after, she was invited to Iraq to join a memorial for him.[3] She later joined the Princess Fawzia School in Egypt in 1936, funded by the Iraqi Ministry of Education.[2]

After returning to Egypt, Al-Kadhimi married Hikmat Chadirji and had a son. However, in 1950, she decided to go on education and started dentistry education. She was educated at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, specializing in pediatric dentistry (dentistry for children). The couple later went back to Iraq, where Chadirji got a position in the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Meanwhile, Al-Kadhimi continued her job and by 1956, she became the Head of Dentistry at a hospital in Baghdad.[3] After some time, they returned to Egypt. After that, Al-Kadhimi used her medical knowledge to give care to the people who were injured during the Algerian Revolution. She died in 1998.[5]

Referencs change

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