sports equipment

A racquet (sometimes racket) is used in sports to hit an object. It differs from a paddle because the head is a grid of strings instead of solid.

Tennis change

A tennis racquet has a long handle and a large oval-shaped area used to hit a tennis ball. It has many strings stretched across its surface (or face) both horizontally and vertically. The strings supply bounce to hit the ball. The handle and frame of the racquet is usually made out of light materials such as graphite. Older racquets were made out of wood. Tennis racquets come in different sizes and weights.

Tennis racquets can be bought at sports equipment stores or department stores. A beginner racquet can cost as little as $30, but they can cost much more for very good quality rackets ($500 or more).

Badminton change

A badminton racquet has a longer, thinner neck than a tennis racquet with softer strings as the shuttlecock is hit up over a net.