Radio BIP

Radio station in Besançon (France)

Radio BIP (in french of Franche-Comté : Bisontine, Indépendante et Populaire ; in english : Bisontine, Independant and Popular) is a French local FM broadcasting station, active in Besançon and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Clandestine in 1977-1978, she was refounded in 1981 by the activist Jean-Jacques Boy with a status of voluntary association[1] · .[2] This media is known for its coverage about human rights, social movements and far-right politics.[3]

Radio BIP
City of licenseBesançon
Broadcast areaFranche-Comté
SloganBisontine, Independant and Popular
Frequency96.9 FM
First air date1977 (pirate)
1981 (officialy)
Format News
Owner Association

Notes change

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