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Ramen (ラーメン) is a Japanese kind of noodle soup. The noodles are made of wheat. Ramen are typically Japanese, though they originally came from China. Ramen has become very popular in Japan and there are many shops that sell it. The Japanese also make "instant ramen" to eat ramen quickly and easily at home. Outside of Japan, people have also started to eat ramen.


There are various types of thickness, shapes and lengths. The noodle may be thin or thick, straight or wrinkled.

In Japan, there are unique local Ramen in various areas where local tastes are enjoyed. It is called "gotouchi ramen" in Japan. For example, Hakata ramen is known for its pork ramen soup. The noodles are very thin and do not need to be boiled for very long to become soft. Sapporo ramen is known for its miso ramen soup. And Kitakata ramen is known for its Shoyu ramen soup. Shio (salty) ramen is also a popular flavor. These days, Gyokai-tonkotsu ramen is also popular.

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