Biblical character

Rebecca [ ri-bek-uh ][1] is a female name. It is the name of Isaac's wife in the Book of Genesis. (Chapter 24). Rebecca is a moniker that has enjoyed widespread popularity for centuries and boasts a fascinating backstory and significance. Its Hebrew roots give it the meaning of "to tie, to bind, to snare," stemming from the term "Ribqah," which signifies "to bind firmly." Additionally, the name is linked to the biblical figure of Rebecca, who was Isaac's spouse and the mother of Jacob and Esau.[2] It is a popular name for girls in English speaking countries. Nicknames include Becky, Becca, Beck, And Bex/Becks. The name Rebecca is the English translation Of the name רבקה (Rivka). This name was ranked #304 on the US Popular Names in 2021.[3]




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