process of attracting, selecting and appointing candidates to a job or other organization

Recruitment is the process of finding new people to do a job. For a company or organization, it is important to choose the right people from the beginning. This is because human resources are often a very important part of a business.

Recruitment has many different steps. First, the company needs to advertise that it has a job available. People then send an application. This usually includes a curriculum vitae, which is a summary of what a person has done until now in their life. The best applicants are selected and they come for an interview. This might also include some further tests or exercises to do.[1] The person chosen is then given an offer of a job. Finally, they can choose to take it or not.

There are many ways of doing recruitment. Some companies go to consultants, who know where and how to find the best people. Universities and schools often have a group of people that tells the students about getting a job. At other times, a company might really want a person that is very good at a job but works for another company. They can then ask directly to this person, maybe offering more money. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are also sometimes used by people looking for a job.[2]


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